APPLICATION CONTROL Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Application control Case Solution


            Application control is a type of security that restricts or disallow unauthorized apps to enter the system which can cause data to be putted at risk. In addition, this is a special type of security application that doesn’t allow the system to install or download those apps which are not authorized by any particular and legal entity which can put the data at risk. Moreover, these types of application are very useful for personal and official use since, people can secure their personal or confidential data by using this special type of security.

Furthermore, these applications are very useful for corporate and official uses because of the convenient usage and data safety. The reason behind rapid use of this security in the corporate sector is that business data is worth more than individual data and that’s why these applications are more popular in corporate sectors of the world.

            Moreover, application control includes checking of validity, completeness and authentication of the data and keeping it safe from any risk.

  • Completeness check include the accuracy of the data from the time of inception to its completion
  • Validity check controls the validity problems and accuracy of the data.
  • Identification includes the authentication of the data
  • Authentication of the data includes the checking of the application that whether they belong to a legal entity and approved by the higher authorities or not but this is for corporate or business users only.
  • Input control enables the data integrity to the application from upstream sources.
  • Forensic controls include the scientific and mathematical correction of the data consist on input and output.(Guardian, 2016)

Goal and operation of Input Controls

 The ultimate objective of application control however, it is manual or programmed, is to ensure the validity accuracy and completeness of the data and its entries.

From the 30,000-foot view they work for the following things

  1. They ensure that the data is complete
  2. They also ensure that the data is error free
  3. The other objective of input control is to make sure that the data is valid not fake
  4. They also check that the data fulfil the desired needs and specifications
  5. They also check that the reports of the data maintained is confidential

However, from the closer perspective the purpose of the application control varies and they include things as follows

  1. They edit tests
  2. They control the balance of the whole batch of data
  1. And they handle any other issues in the data

In both of the application controls i.e. automated and manual controls both should be used to ensure proper coverage and validation of the data. Since, these controls help the user to keep the data error and risk free, moreover, this makes the data error less, risk free, valid and appropriate for usage and even after usage they still work for the validity of the data.

Moreover, these controls are specially designed for business use and hence they are useful for the following types of data making and checking

  • General Ledger
  • Inventory management
  • Sales revenue
  • Manufacturing Data
  • Human Resources Information
  • Sales and marketing

Finally, all these types of application controls are very useful for the month end procedures and due to this they are also capable of making records of this type of data and for checking its accuracy and validity. (institute, 2016)................

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