Introducing … The XFL Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When the XFL professional football league debut on February 3, 2001, she gave birth to the Nielsen ratings 10.1, higher than any national television program time slot on Saturday night. Next week, the ratings dropped, and a week nine XFL game earned the title as the lowest rated sports event in the history of television. Co-owners WWFE and NBC officially disbanded XFL May 10, 2001. What went wrong? How could two experienced and respected figures in the entertainment industry - WWFE Vince McMahon and NBC Dick Ebersol - so badly miscalculated "Hide
? by Susan Fournier, Stephen A. Greyser, Seth Shulman M. Source: Harvard Business School 20 pages. Publication Date: July 15, 2002. Prod. #: 503015-PDF-ENG

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Introducing … The XFL

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