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In mid-2011, the management of Brasil Foods, a leading Brazilian brand products manufacturer and exporter of proteins, assesses strategies for international and domestic growth. The team has just been approved by antitrust authorities to complete the merger of Brazil Perdigão and Sadia, two massive food companies, which are combined in Brasil Foods in 2009. Now the team is free to focus on its ambitious plans to double revenues by 2015. Domestically, the plan provides for Brasil Foods allowed to maintain its share of the retail market and expand its presence in the fast growing sector of catering. Internationally, outlines vision Brasil Foods develops from an exporter to a true multinational. The team believes that their operational experience and scale, combined with a rapidly growing economy of Brazil and vast agricultural resources are the perfect platform to achieve his vision. However, amid a wealth of features, they are faced with difficult choices, such as which emerging markets hold first. They also face serious problems of staff, including the integration of employees from Perdigão and Sadia-old rival industry and developing an international team that understands foreign markets. "Hide
by David E. Bell, Natalie Kindred Source: Harvard Business School 27 pages. Publication Date: December 19, 2011. Prod. #: 512013-PDF-ENG

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