Blink Booking Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Rebecca Miguel’s first venture Blink Booking is quite successful and has made prominent efforts to attract new investors and venture capitalists. Although this idea is not relatively new but in Europe the launch proved to be successful as it provides people a solution to their traveling issues. Although the concept already exists in the market, but in the European market the idea is relatively new and has the first mover advantage. The reason towards this rapid success of the app is due to its unique approach, and also it serves people as a substitute for online booking. The idea is not just an idea, but it catered to people in a way that helped them solve an issue.

Before people were aware of online booking for hotels and restaurants as while traveling, which was not just time-consuming but lengthy as well. With Blink people in Europe found a solution that helped them book hotels at the eleventh hour with any difficulty and complexity. It is a four-step process or just clicks that helped people in deciding or selecting their favorite premium hotels across Europe with ease.

As a mobile platform, this was a revolution because traveling has become a very late decision and people prefer to have the right option as well. People prefer to choose the most premium options at the best prices without engaging in the activity of selecting from many options and Blink perfectly caters this need. As far as people preferences are concerned Blink is a success as it can be seen in the number of downloads it has to date.

The idea is unique and it serves the consumers well, but in order to stay attractive for long, Rebecca will have to think consistently towards differentiating the app.  As an entrepreneur it is essential to have a clear concept of developing the venture but constant development in order to stay ahead and maintain the advantage is also essential.

Competition is a major threat and with the presence of Rocket in the European market, the threat is quite significant. Therefore, it is important for Rebecca as an entrepreneur to take the charge and give Blink proper time and take it as the only responsible. Differentiation in e-commerce is important as the industry is becoming stagnant with many platforms serving the same category.

As Rebecca is the initiator of the idea and created the platform so she has a better idea about the pros and cons of his platform and how beneficial it can be in the future. Therefore, Rebecca should take on the role of the CEO of the company and handle all the operations under her supervision. Although this decision is quite critical and will put Rebecca under real challenge as she has no such experience in leading a firm. However, as an entrepreneur, it is important for her to become an intrapreneur as well.

Being the CEO will allow her to take the major decision about the company, and it will also provide her with an additional stake in the company. Since she has the major contribution towards the development of the company and the Blink platform and has a vision towards growth, so being a CEO will help her to drive her vision in a better manner. Furthermore, the investors are also willing to invest in the company, but on a condition that requires Rebecca to take charge of the company as the CEO and take it as a full-time responsibility.

Therefore, in order to attract more investors, she will have to take this challenge and will have to step in as the new CEO of the company. This will allow her to expand the horizons with additional investment and will give her free hand to develop her methods of management and develop a new style of management.Blink Booking Case Solution

Furthermore, she will have the comfort to work towards her ambition of benefiting the Spanish society and providing non-MBA’s major management roles. She can recruit people and as a new CEO can serve her ambition more comfortably by leveraging her role as a decision maker. Rebecca as the new CEO can handle the company more comfortably and can tackle the issues more appropriately. Although she has no prior experience, but being an MBA she has ample knowledge to run an organization and what are the necessary techniques that she needs to follow. Also, Miguel is her best friend, and as Alberto is no more part of the company, Miguel is the best to replace him. Miguel, as described by Rebecca, is honest and has previous experience of leading an organization can prove to be a vital set. .........................

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