Cloud Computing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Introduction and Current Trends

Cloud computing has emerged as a global phenomenon and has transformed the process of computing. It is an internet based utility that allows end users, which serves as host and are located on virtual servers an opportunity to share and use resources, information and software. It has been observed that anything that is beyond the firewall of the person or the organization is attributed as a cloud. However, cloud computing can be referred as the transformation of the personal computing, which has evolved in phases[i].

The first phase referred to an era when desktops were used as a place to store data and application and considered as the most convenient medium to store data. However, the second phase brought significant transformation and aligned internet as well in the process of sharing and storing data along with the desktop. Utility software and local servers played an integral role in this phase and made the accessibility to valuable information possible. On the other hand, cloud computing is regarded as the third and the final phase of evolution of personal computing, which allowed storing data and software somewhere over the internet and provide a secure place where most of the data reside[ii].

This concept is relatively new and is still in the phase of growth, however,researches have shown that in the next decade more than 80% of the data will be shifted to the cloud. Thus, cloud computing will serve as the major platform to safeguard and store data and information. However,the concept is new and the usage is growing rapidly and organizations are getting familiar with the concept[iii].

The idea is still in the initial stages and getting global acceptance is almost near but there are certain questions that are important to address in order to make the usage of cloud computing completely efficient. However, there are certain benefits that organizations can attain from this new and innovative method. Organizations need to secure information for which they need a place that can serve this purpose efficiently. In this regard, the organization can seek cloud computing as a hub to store information which is apparently a safe and secure facility[iv].

Cloud computing is totally different from the traditional software business model and serve corporate computing in a different manner. This new paradigm offers many benefits to the organizations in the corporate sector and a number of factors speak in favor of the use of cloud computing. Organizations should seek this method as the cost of application is very low and organizations can set up cloud computing in relatively low prices. Cloud computing is a setup that is cost effective and provides organizations a chance to become cost effective as well. This technology has very low operational cost, which is another major cost advantage that organizations attain by implementing cloud computing[v].

By implementing or turning towards cloud computing, an organization will no longer require the need to spend heavily on upgrading hardware and software. Secondly, investing in the protection of these components to increase their salvage value will no longer be required and organizations can save heavily in this regard. Organizations will require no additional investment either money or in terms of course on maintaining the infrastructure as it will be developed and managing it is much easier as compared to traditional set up.Cloud Computing Case Solution

 Organizations can enhance their infrastructure and save a significant amount in developing and establishing strong and robust infrastructure. The organization will get immense opportunity to develop their business domain knowledge and make it more rigorous. Furthermore, no additional staff in the IT department will be required top manager the setup as the efficiency in operations of cloud computing does not require heavy workforce. Cloud computing allows organizations to stay connected with only those applications that are required, and suit the company and avoid investing in licensing a software suite................

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