Bisha Mine & Human Rights Due Diligence Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bisha Mine & Human Rights Due Diligence Case solution

Answer: 01

Nevsun Resources Ltd gave more priority to values of human rights and considered it as an inherent part of their ethical business conduct and social responsibility. Moreover, the company always promotes respect, support, and human right in their organizational activities and operations. Under the UN guideline principles, the company assesses the following human right assessments, which help them in implementing its operations in Eretria. In Eretria, the company assesses the potential rights of worker related to new jurisdictions and major acquisition investments. On the other hand, the company also maintains policies and code of conducts that meets the national regulatory requirements and human rights. Furthermore, the company also raises voice for the rights of its workers and shareholder at the international, local, and national level. However, the company adopts the stand-alone workers’ rights policy in Eretria. By this policy, the company spread awareness about the human right of workers, partners, and communities which further considered as an ongoing responsibility through that they implement the human right due to diligence at Bisha Mine. In Eretria, the company has developed the social and environmental plan through that they evaluate the environmental and social activities of workers and communities as well as contributed to the ongoing human right due diligence.(Lloyd Lipsett, Michelle Hohn, 2015)

Under the HRIA policy, the company has developed a grievance mechanism, which would help the company in assessing the remedies of different stakeholder as well as provide them an opportunity to assess the needs of the human rights in Eretria. On the other hand, the company also visits Bisha mine. Segen and SENET caps for evaluating the positive and negative impacts of human rights. The company also established social, political, and environmental contexts for mining in Eritrea so that they had better understand policies, procedure, and practices of the organization.

If the company wants to maintain its efficient position in the market, then it is necessary for the company to avoid the hidden delegating, which also affects the lives of workers and increase the rate of violation in the market. Moreover, if the company wants to implement its operations in the outside countries then it is necessary for the company to focus initially on its core business activities and then try to expand its service domestically. It would help the company in maintaining its positive image in the domestic market as well as create a sense of trust among the workers and the factory owners. (Geneva , 2011)

Answer: 02

Under the UN Guideline principle, Nevsun has carried out the human right due diligence in which they protect the rights of workers, partners, and communities. The states international human rights law obligation requires supporting and fulfilling the human rights’ of the workers and provide them fundamental freedoms thus, that they could easily adjust themselves in new market. The main duty of the authorities is to protect against human rights abuse by third parties, excluding industry originalities. On the other hand, as per the obligations, the authorities would not be responsible for the human right abuse by private actors. In addition, it should be clearly stated to the companies that the protection of human rights should be considered first as it is the responsibility of the companies to protect the human right of their workers during its business operations. Human rights law further stated that the protection of human right not only protect the rights of workers, they also support the business operation. So that it increases its profitability and performance in the organization......................

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