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Nature of the Production Andover Assembly Department

The production at And over assembly department used to produce Dynasense product line depends on three main functions including product development, customer service and operation. Its product development department is booming because of the abundance of technically advanced and talented individual engineers providing technical expertise where they spend 40% of their time on developing new products and 60% of their time on modifying existing products.

dynatrol corporation case solution

dynatrol corporation case solution

Technical expertise is the company’s strongest trait on which the head of product development, Jerold Murphy, had capitalized. The department achieved acceptance and recognition for its work in the chemical industry.

The customer service representatives spent most of their time managing rework to control the quality of the product.

The plant manager of the operation units resolved the plant’s performance problems in order to effectively and efficiently manufacture the products at the optimum capacity of the production unit.

The customers could order the product or equipment manufactured by the company as per their specification and requirements.

Performance Measure of Primary Interest

The primary interest of the company is to achieve the higher level of growth and compete in the highly competitive market. The company has focused on its enhanced technical expertise. The company’s technical expertise and innovative capabilities are recognized by the whole chemical industry.

 It had used its abundant knowledge and talent to gain competitive advantage over its competitors by keeping highly advanced product through continuous innovation.

The company should reduce its customers’ complaints by implementing effective and efficient customers’ complaints registration, handling and resolving system to reduce the time taken to register the complains till the time the complaint is resolved.

The company should maintain effective system to enhance the process of operations to produce the product at the optimum capacity of the production unit.

Is the chamber machining cell bottleneck of the entire plant?

Family type Product type   Run time per unit
Minutes Minutes Total minutes Minutes Total units total capacity utilization
Rough machining 50 10 60 3 20 3
Milling 250 20 270 2 135 2
, channeling, drilling 100 10 110 2 55 2
face grinding 50 10 60 5 12 5
Total 450 50 500   222 2.252252252

The chart above shows the total capacity utilization of the chamber machining operation calculated by adding the minutes of family type and the product type. Moreover, the total is divided with the run time per unit, through which we get the total units produced by the chamber machining operation. To attain the total capacity, total minutes should be divided with the total units as illustrated in the chart above. Hence, after evaluating and assessing the chart above, it can be determined that the chamber machining operation could not be the main cause of the bottleneck as the total capacity utilized by the chamber machining operation is only 2.25, which is not that high as the plant is capable of more capacity.

The new product line could be accommodated in the existing department by improving or modifying the production unit, increasing its capacity levels to ensure that the new product line is well accommodated and produces with its maximum efficiency, providing economic benefit to the company in its future endeavors. .........................

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