Andres Galindo Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Andres Galindo is a young Colombian from the upper middle class family in Bogota. With his brother, Carlos, serving as the sole importer into the country for top brands Electra American sportswear, Andres starts creating a network of retail stores located in high-end shopping district. Realizing that his goods were legally imported to the dramatic cost disadvantage openly sold illegally imported brands and fake stickers (due to 40% to 120% tariff), Andres decided to approach the problem in the retail and marketing tasks, add value through retail sales process . By 2005, Andres has 14 stores and a new mission: Elektra decided to cut out the middle man - Carlos - and Andres import the product directly. This should lower margin, but it is a big step. Most importantly, though, the strategic development of the company in terms of unfair competition and the relatively small target population. "Hide
by William D. Bygrave, Carl Hedberg Source: Babson College 17 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2006. Prod. #: BAB124-PDF-ENG

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