Alvalade XXI Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question no. 2

            There were different options that Jose Eduardo had. The options Jose had were; giving a chance to Meag, Restinfor, SVDI or Processos Criativos. The best option that is suitable for the success of the project is giving another chance to Meag. The option for giving Meag another chance is chosen due to many reasons. Another chance should be given to Meag because Meag already knows all the aspects of the system. Meag was the technical supplier who implemented and designed the system. Therefore, Meag can take action for fixing the problems quickly. The company now has the knowledge about the elements which are causing problems for running the system successfully. If the other suppliers are hired ignoring Meag, this can prove to be very costly for Casa XXI, as it will give rise to many problems like technical and organizational. As the new suppliers have their own suggestions and plans for solving the problems and if they also fail to conduct the project successfully, then Casa XXI will have to take additional steps for solving the problems. Thus, it will be impossible for Casa XXI to use the system in the next match also.

            Furthermore, as Meag already signed off the contract with Casa XXI for implementing and designing the new payment system at Casa XXI, so if the contract with Meag is terminated at this point it will damage the reputation of Casa XXI. Since, Casa XXI was already facing issues with its reputation regarding the failure of the system so terminating the contract will result in adding fuel to the fire. Whereas, it will not look professional if Casa XXI terminates the contract and this will give a bad impression of the company on the list of suppliers which are the other options of Casa XXI. if Casa XXI does not terminate the contract, then it will also avoid the costly lawsuit. Moreover, Casa XXI will also feel easy to communicate the demands with Meag as Meag already knows about the requirements of the system and can work for satisfying Casa XXI.

The steps which can be followed for completion of the project are following:


            Planning is very important for the success of any project. If the company has a strong plan, then it has a clear direction to head for the success of the company. For the success of this project, it is very important that the scope of the project is properly defined and its unique demands such as the size of the stadium and the short break between the match should be considered. The vendor will be briefed with the problems in the system and making sure that those problems are eliminated and Also making sure that the IT architecture is properly aligned with the operations and requirements.


            Testing is an essential part and it is important to make sure that the system is working perfectly and whether there are any flaws in it or not. The testing is supposed to be done before implementing the program so that the company can overcome all the flaws of the system and modify it if needed. Similarly, for the successful completion of the program the system will be checked after the modifications are done with full capacity. This will be done to make sure that the system is working perfectly or not. Moreover, if the system still has flaws in it, then they will be discussed with Meag and then Meag will be given the task to fix the system. In addition to this, the flaws which arise during the test will be considered and the lesson will be learnt from the mistakes so that they can be avoided in future.


            The proper IT support will be given to the sales staff while the system is being implemented and the supplier will be forced to provide more specialists to support point of sales. Furthermore, the instructions will be given to the salespeople regarding how they should respond to the situation if the system fails. They should be given all the basic information which is necessary to take control of the situation at the time of failure.The salespeople will also be trained on how they should interact with the customers when they are full of anger. Similarly, the hardware related to the system will also be checked before the implementation of the system for making sure that it is properly installed and does not have any flaws.......................

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