Social Media Marketing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Legitimize Brand

Promoting Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars through social media will also legitimize the brand. This concept means that the consumer can actually discover a retailer or a business that they are eager to know about but have limited information. To actually acquire more knowledge and to understand it more efficiently, social media can actually make the customer understand the product rather easily. Through social media, customer will be updated on a daily basis about the product, new offerings and discounts (Lardi, 2013).

Along with this, the legitimacy which can be achieved by a company through social media is that the customers become more knowledgeable about the brand because of the popularity it might give to the brand in the long run. However, it is necessary if Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars is not properly legitimized as it can backfire and can also delegitimize the brand. For example, if the Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars does not update its social media pages on a regular basis, customers might assume that the company has been defunct; therefore, it is necessary to keep active and in fact proactive in terms of prompting and exploring marketing through social media.

Increase Sales

Social media can benefit the company by increase the sales for the product. The reason is simple, through social media Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars can advertise the promotional discounts offered on personal care products. This will obviously increase the sales for the company. Secondly, social media can offer promotional coupons to the customers where they can purchase online also. Through social media, the company can sell the personal care products online also. The company can actually become successful with the social media advertising (Piskorski, 2014).

Improve customer service

Another major advantage of social media marketing for Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars is that it will improve customer service. For instance, since being a part of the personal care product industry, it is necessary to educate the customer about the usability of product through customer service department, email, telephone, etc., which is obviously a costly way, therefore, in the current era Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars should educate and serve its customers through social media where customers can ask questions about the product’s features and usability which can be communicated to the customer then and there.

Customers generally look to care about skin more than any other body part because of it being sensitive. Therefore, it is necessary to educate the customer in the right direction through social media. (Bonneau, 2009).

Capture new demographics

Social media will also help Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars in capturing new geographic regions. For instance, though social media, Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars can sell itself to the global customers. As opening a store in every country is difficult, that is why it is necessary for Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars to present it to the global market through social media. This attribute or feature of social media will again increase the overall sales revenue and customer recognition of the brand. Along with this, more customers will become aware of the new product offering.

Discuss the costs – two people added to the marketing payroll; equipment; overhead costs.

The budget or the cost that will be required to effectively run the social media campaign of Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars will include two marketing individuals who will run the pages on behalf of the company.

  • Salary per person: $40,000 per year / head
  • Laptop PC: $5,000 / head
  • Overhead Cost: $5,000

Disadvantages of Social Media marketing and branding

Social media marketing has quite a few advantages; still social media have got some disadvantages associated with it. The major disadvantage of social media or social networks is that it basically requires time to navigate and manage each of the medium involved. Social media is a vast field which requires distinctive approach, individualization and engagement.

Social Networking is Time Intensive

Social media marketing plays a negative role in terms of being time intensive. The nature of marketing generally changes when it comes to social networks, the focus is established amongst the customer and the company to develop a long term relationship which can increase the sales. However, it requires time and constant check and balance, designated team has to be installed to monitor and respond to customer comments, post product information, answer customer queries and respond to customer feedbacks. A company which does not have enough strength in these departments will obviously struggle with social media marketing (Piskorski, 2014)...................................

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