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Bodyguard is a person who is hired to give security to specific and important personalities like ambassadors, high profile government officials and wealthy persons, president, prime minister, celebrities and other important people. There are various factors which should be in mind while hiring a bodyguard. It is not an easy task and it requires challenging skills to actually find a good one. The research will help to find out factors which are required and necessary in hiring a bodyguard. It will be helpful for the employers and human resource departments which are involved in the recruitment of bodyguards for important personalities. Since it is a challenging job therefore it will be required to be careful during the hiring of a bodyguard. Furthermore, the purpose of the research will be to find out the benefits and future aspects of a job which will be required to attract candidates for the mentioned job. The factors involved in hiring of a bodyguard will be discussed later in the research.

Problem Statement

The job of a bodyguard is very sensitive due to the security issues of important personalities therefore; it needs special skills and motivation factors for bodyguards to keep them encouraged. Since it is a dangerous job and bodyguards will have to protect their clients anyhow therefore; bodyguards should compensate much more to keep their sincerity and reliability with their clients.


            Though the proposed research plan is very strong and is made through in-depth interviews of respondents which are conducted by companies with the respondents. If the research plan somehow fails then the alternate to the problem can be further explained and researched through focus group discussion. It is a type of group interviewing led by an interviewee in a loosely structured discussion about the topic.


            Audiences of the research are Florence Walker and the name of company is, DreamWorks. Furthermore, the research plan will be presented to the clients who will be requiring a bodyguard. The research will be proposed to Florence Walker in order to accept the plan before it’s presented to the client. Clients will be requiring all important information about the bodyguard to make an important decision. Furthermore, Florence Walker will need a strong proposal report regarding the factors required for the hiring of a bodyguard. The purpose of the research is to present a strong proposal in order to help the clients for their decision making and primarily; it will require accepting the plan from a manager.

The reason for writing a research report is to point out the advantages, which will be concerned for DreamWork and the clients who will be required to study the proposal for their decision making. The proposal will let DreamWork know about the factors which are mandatory for the decision making of hiring a bodyguard. Furthermore it will be helpful for them to know the compensation and future prospects of being a bodyguard to keep encouraging them. On the other side, it will be easy for the clients to make a decision regarding the hiring of a bodyguard.

There may be several points due to which manager or clients can raise objection regarding the research proposal. Clients may have objection with the physical traits and skills of the bodyguard. He or she will be requiring a brave and strong person who will be giving security to him or her in all situations. If the proposal has pointed out all the factors required then, it will definitely not result in any problem regarding the recruitment of a bodyguard. Since the important celebrities are already high profile and wealthy persons; therefore they will not have any objection regarding the compensation and salaries of their bodyguards. They will only require sincere and loyal bodyguard with strong physique. Florence Walker may raise an objective if the results of the research will not lead to any essential direction. It is obviously very necessary to find out the key and important decision making factors for the hiring and encouragement of bodyguards. It is very obvious if a bodyguard will not find any extra compensation and future safety due to having high risk factor of his life, why would he or she become a bodyguard.

Most of all the research report will create interest in the clients and it will stimulate their decision making process for the recruitment of bodyguards. It will also help Florence Walker because factors can be beneficial for both the clients and even bodyguards, which will ultimately be beneficial for DreamWorks.

Though every audience of the research proposal knows at least something about the bodyguard, his job and responsibilities but there can also be other factors; which can be beneficial for the whole audience mostly bodyguards and their clients too. Due to high involvement of risk of life, no one will come up willingly to serve as bodyguard but other factors like compensation, smart salaries and future securities can be the stimulators for them to become a bodyguard. Clients also know what he or she will be requiring from a bodyguard. He should be strong and brave enough to give...........................

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