A Groupe Schneider Intranet Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A Groupe Schneider Intranet Case Solution


A high level committee then chose to work to handle the advancement of the numerous intranets in order to incorporate them into a corporate-wide intranet. The case shows the trouble of handling company-wide details innovation tasks in a company whose IT function is extremely decentralized.


Pedagogical Objectives:

The case offers the chance to talk about infotech structure, to think about the capability of little business IT systems to efficiently set and keep business requirements when IT is decentralized in the company, to think about the responses of numerous systems to concerns connected with intranets (like whether the publishing of positions readily available by personnels will result in a more internally mobile staff member base), and to think about the function of a non-IT business committee in motivating an IT task.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Strategy

published: 01 Jan 1998

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