Rank Xerox (B) : Is “Telemarketing” the Answer? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Rank Xerox (B) : Is "Telemarketing" the Answer? Case? Solution


Fournier declined Carlos' demand to re-implement Wave II. Carlos checked out Colombia and Dubai to figure out whether to use their telephone offering method (" Telemarketing") in other places. Carlos needed to choose whether to inform Fournier of Dubai's advanced tool that might change Rank Xerox's sales procedures or put the concept aside.


Pedagogical Goals:

The case shows a number of points concerning understanding management and best-practice transfers: a business typically "does unknown exactly what it understands"; finest practices can occur from unanticipated locations; and stress exists in between copying a practice precisely and making modifications to a practice to fulfill regional requirements.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Strategy

published: 01 Mar 2004

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Rank Xerox (B) : Is “Telemarketing” the Answer?

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