A Friend in Need? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A Friend in Need? Case? Solution


A Malaysian Corporation, pistons parts producer and provider to the nationwide carmaker Proton, discovers itself in receivership as its primary bank declines to roll over a past due loan. Should the Board choose to bring in a foreign financier, who would take a bulk stake and manage the business? The Chairman, KAMIS, desires to make sure that whatever course is taken, it will be in combination with a friendly financier: exactly what are the ramifications of this?


Pedagogical Objectives:

The case would work in an Executive course which takes a look at the relationship in between important choices and business worths, or specifying minutes for magnates. It raises concerns for instance, ways to evaluate concerns in time of problem and crisis, and exactly what is the significance of the CEO s worths in the taking of such a choice?

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  Strategy

published: 01 Jan 1999
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A Friend in Need?

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