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Leadership Strengths

The leadership strengths that are apparent in my personality are some, but they have played a vital role in developing me as a leader and have helped me a great deal in leading the teams that I was assigned to success. However, the major leadership strengths which I believe have transformed me as a leader are described below.

  • Communication – It has been one of the most influential and effective factors in my personality and has always been a key strength. Leveraging this strength, leading the teams and transmitting the goals and objectives become easier and to bring everyone on a shared vision was possible. I have utilized this strength to communicate strongly and gave and gain feedback through effective communication which is why I have always been supported by team mates.
  • Confidence – Confidence play a major role in shaping great leaders and the factor has always been a key strength of my personality. I have been never shy of trying and challenging new ideas and concepts and taking risks in life. However, the reason I have succeeded in most of the occasions is due to the confidence that I have in myself and in my abilities.
  • Commitment – My commitment and dedication towards my work and the task assigned to me has always been 100% and I always try my full potential to prove myself and reach up to expectations. It is the commitment that allows me to engage others as well in the work showing the same level of commitment and dedication as I am doing. This strength allows me to lead from the front and face challenges.

Leadership Related Characteristics

There are certain characteristics or skills in my personality that require immediate improvement as they have been hindering my performance and growth as a leader. Therefore, the most desired leadership characteristics that need improvement are discussed below.

  • Consistency – It has always been an issue with me to perform consistently or to be regarded as a consistent performer. Sometimes it happens that I am able to perform accurately and efficiently at regular intervals. However, it has not been the case overtime and I lack behind in maintaining consistency in my performance. This is a concerning factor as it will disrupt my reputation as a leader and will make it challenging for me to hold on to my position as a leader in my teams or groups.
  • Resistance to Change – Change is inevitable, but I have issues accepting a new change as I am not open to change. This is something that worries me a bit and needs immense improvement as accepting change and getting used to change is effective in this competitive world. However, I feel hard time managing the resistance shown by the people or the team members that is why I feel shy accepting a new change.
  • Creativity – My creative instinct is very weak and I am not effective and efficient in designing and developing creative ideas and solutions to the problems and challenges that occur and rather follow mainstream concepts. This may be due to avoiding the factor of risks, which is why the emphasis on creativity is very low that I need to improve.

Challenges to Enhance Leadership Competencies

From the above stated characteristics, it has been observed that in order to become more competent, I have to develop on two key aspects or will have to focus on developing two major characteristics in which I require immense improvement. The two major areas of improvement are described below.

Personal Leadership Development Outline Case Solution

  • Develop Creative Instinct – The first change that I will bring in myself is the ability to become creative in decision making, and problem solving. This is the need of time and modern world leaders have developed or assimilated creativity very effectively which is providing fruitful results. Therefore, I will have to develop my creative instincts by developing the ability of taking risks and making innovative decisions part of my personality. There are two reasons to bring this change in my personality.
  1. To enhance leadership competency and personality.
  2. To become innovative in my approach.

Adopting Consistency – The second change that I am aiming to bring in my personality to enhance my leadership competency is to become consistent performer and to enhance my scale of success. It is important to perform efficiently on a regular basis in order to maintain the status in the eyes of the followers or the team members. Therefore, I will try my level best to improve on this factor on through practice and learning from my mistakes, perform efficiently on a regular basis....................

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