Integrating Innovation Style and Knowledge Into Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

How we think about strategy woefully incomplete, the authors argue. The traditional concept of focusing on the positioning of the product (or service) underplays much of what most would agree, makes the company truly competitive. He did not just give away with the fact that the company knows, it completely ignored the fact that in a dynamic modern economy, organizations need to constantly reinvent who they are and what they do in big and small. And another important means of doing this is through innovation. Effective strategy, then, consists of three main components: the product / market, knowledge and innovation positions. But even if a company masters the three strategic position the product / market, knowledge and innovation on their own, it is still in danger. Only when all three positions are aligned and complementary strategy can succeed. Taking the concept of alignment, the organization needs to look at every position - product / market, knowledge and innovation - as aspects of the overall strategy of the organization. Creation of a comprehensive strategy, therefore, requires focusing not on each item separately, and in all three positions simultaneously. The authors introduce the concept of competition is based not only on what the organization does or services it provides, but from what he knows, and how this innovation. Every aspect of a competitive position, that should be evaluated in relation to the organization, and others in the market are fighting for the same space. Each component must not only be brought into line with the other two, but it should be adjusted as circumstances warrant. If done correctly, the organizations - such as Buckman Laboratories, which is profiled here - are flourishing. When it is done poorly, the company may suffer, and possibly fatal, as history shows Polaroid. "Hide
by Edward F. McDonough, Michael Zack, Hsing-Er Lin, Iris Berdrow Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 8 pages. Publication Date: 01 Oct 2008. Prod. #: SMR294-PDF-ENG

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Integrating Innovation Style and Knowledge Into Strategy

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