Lessons from Pharmaceutical Product Litigation: Merck and the Vioxx Withdrawal Cona & McDarby vs. Merck Video Supplement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2004, the plant pharmaceutical company Merck recognized the potentially harmful side effects and took one of its best-selling drugs, Vioxx, arthritis drugs and pain, from the market. Removal FDA approved drug from the U.S. market due to the newly discovered side effects were not so rare. What was unusual, however, is that the withdrawal of Merck was a voluntary decision of the company after Vioxx was taken about 80 million patients for more than four years on the market. While solutions company Merck initially hailed as an example of well-known devotion to the company Merck ethical business practices, some in the medical community, not the accused Merck intentionally under Vioxx on the market, although it was too dangerous. Critics have argued that Merck put profits before patients and Merck soon ran close to 30,000 claims of product liability. This event package consists of a written case supporting written materials, as well as accompanying video event, which takes place in the court case against Merck. Tom Cona and John McDarby Merck sued after experiencing a heart attack, which they attributed to Vioxx. The use of court staff comes courtroom Network View, this case is of allegedly unlawful conduct and how companies such as Merck defend itself against such claims. Witnesses testifying in the trial include patients and their families who sued Merck CEO and senior management, physicians who prescribe medications, and those who have been called to give expert evidence in support of and against the drug development company Merck, regulatory and marketing activities.Disk 1: Introduction to the court and opening statements Disc 2: Evidence in Case plaintiffs Disc 3: evidence in favor of Merck disc 4: Final statements, the judge instructions sentences Disk 5: review copy of a case study, additional materials and slides from the presentation video
This material is intended for use in a one-day workshop, or equivalent, with the students read the writing sample and looked Disk 1 to class. This case is particularly well suited for business, medical and law students. Printed materials and videos are sold as a package and are designed to be used together. Academic faculty may require learning a note. Please contact cases_requests@gsb.stanford.edu for written permission to use the case every time he taught. "Hide
by Margaret L. Eaton Source: video additions 10hours Publication Date: January 3, 2010. Prod. #: BME11-VID-ENG

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