Woolworths Group Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Woolworths Group Case Study Solution

Select Right Scope

Banducci first need to select right scope for this blue ocean strategy and build the confidence for customers and other people related to the company. This step includes to introduce migrator-settle map that will help the company to target the area where this type of strategy will be effective.

Information about the Current State of Play

The CEO need to be clear with the current landscape. This means that the company, if it wants to implement blue ocean strategy, need to knows the reasons for red oceans. The red ocean factors are: Amazon Fresh’s entry into the Australian marketplace is disturbing Woolworth.  Amazon fresh is a staple conveyance administration that works as an online business without any blocks and mortar stores. Amazon has a broad comprehension of internet retailing and has been intently viewing the Australian basic food item industry for a long time. Amazon Fresh offers same-day conveyance of new and solidified nourishments just as general product sold through Amazon. Huge W is an Australian chain of rebate retail chains. It has existed since 1964. It at present works 182 stores and representatives 22,000 workers. Huge W has ended up being a cerebral pain for the Woolworths Group lately. In January 2020, Big W saw deals rise 9.9% on the rear of the COVID-19 frenzy purchasing, posting its first benefit since 2016


The CEO need to identify those constraints that turn the business into opportunities. As Big W has proved to be a pain for the Woolworths Group in past years.Thomas Dux Grocer who was a chain of gourmet markets worked by the Woolworths Group 2008 to 2017. The chain had some expertise in natural, without gluten, additive free, and unfenced nourishments. The vast majority of the stores transformed into Woolworths Metro stores after shutting it is additionally an indication of red sea and requirements.

Big Picture

The CEO, to adopt a blue ocean strategy, need to use the big picture to create practical Blue Ocean. This can be through a strategic process to rebuild the market and create a new market for new customers. It will be at low cost and help to show opportunities and no threat of the Red Ocean of competitors.

Porters Generic Strategy

This strategy mainly is a model of the basic four strategic alternatives an organization has. And these are the cost leadership, cost focus, and differentiation, and differentiation focus.

Cost Leadership

Cost leadership can benefit Woolworth by gaining the market by low prices of the products or by average prices. Keeping the company’s cost as low as it can be a successful strategy.


Products should be exclusive to attract more customers than competitors. Offering better services like unique products will help Woolworth to keep in the market even after competition.

Cost Focus

CEO need to target a niche market where there is little competition. This can be possible for Woolworth by understanding the dynamics and needs of the customers by ensuring that costs remain low.

Differentiation Focus

This includes strong brand loyalty among the customers of Woolworth. If the CEO uses this strategy and offer a unique product that will create brand loyalty in a highly competitive market.

The company should use Porter’s generic strategy to be in the market and compete with competitors as a blue ocean strategy requires a lot of things to do but this will be a good strategy. This strategy will prove to be successful to stay in the market and meet the requirement of the market and its customers..........................


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