Hillsboro County Community Health Needs Assessment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Hillsboro County Community Health Needs Assessment Case Solution 

Analysis of growth of communities in Hillsboro County

Over the past five years, the growth rate in the overall population of the Hillsboro County has been calculated to be 0.81% which is the average for the county. The counties which have been able to grow at rate above the average include Jasper and Statesville which have shown growth rate of 1.61% and 2.21% respectively, other counties grew at a rate below the average growth rate all over the county. Over the 10 year period, the overall growth rate for the county has reduced to 0.75% and this time also Jasper and Statesville only grew above the average growth rate.

Expected Population

 The population, to be expected after 5 years from 2004, is expected to be almost 146,000. The growth rate used is based on the past growth for 10 years and 5 years. Although growth rates tend to change in short term and should be calculated using longer periods, therefore the growth rate is based on period 1989 to 2014, due to whichthe population that should be expected based on the growth rate of 0.93% is 147,424.

Age Profile of Hillsboro County

 The demographics of Hillsboro County seem similar to the US population age demographics. The median age group for the US and the Hillsboro County is 25 to 54 years old and the median age for US is calculated to be 29.17 years. Moreover, for Hillsboro County the median is calculated to be 31.86 years. Themedian age for both US and Hillsboro is same while the percentage of population in each age group is also similar except for the age group of 25-54 years and 55 to 64 years, in which the US has younger people as compared to Hillsboro.

Based on the median age calculated for each county in Hillsboro, the youngest town is estimated to be Jasper where the median age is 27.51. years whereas, the town with more old people can said to be Boalsburg.

Health services in the county

To assess the health services in the Hillsboro County, we will compare the growth or reduction rate in the AIDS or HIV cases in the Hillsboro County with the rates in Capital city or in the statewide. Based on the comparisons, it can be seen that the health services have improved in the county as compared to the Capital city and statewide. The aids cases have reduced in the Hillsboro County over the past 10 years but the reduction rate is lower than in the Statewide and Capital city. The cases in adults have reduced at a further rate of 1.74%, while in Capital city and statewide it is 3.30% and 2.04%. Based on the overall analyses of the aids and HIV cases in the county and statewide, it can be said that the overall health services have improved but the performance is below Capital City and Statewide.

Nursing Home Need Study

Currently, the county has enough capacity to fulfill the needs of the patients. The nursing homes are on an average utilized by about 94%, therefore it still has capacity to be further increased by 6%. On the other hand,the population of 65 years and above for the county includes almost 19,964 people and they are expected to increase with growth rate of 0.75% which is the overall growth rate for Hillsboro. The population of age group of 60 years and above is expected to increase to 20,700 individuals approximately. Currently,3.9% of the population with this age group acquires nursing homes therefore total nursing beds being utilized are 599, therefore the total nursing homes in the county should equal 637 in the 2014. The current population in nursing bed is expected to increase to 808 in the 2020; therefore additional beds might be required in the future. About 21% increase in the nursing homes and beds might be required before the demand exceeds the supply in 2020....................

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