RightNow Technologies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

  1.  Evaluate the progress of the company and its situation at year end, 2003.

By late 2003, good faith was high inside. The new and full CRM result suite was going into the final implementation stage. The sales operation had new authority. Experts were starting to take genuine notice of RightNow Technologies. Together with Salesforce.com, a rival in the CRM space had served both organizations to re-legitimize the ASP space. Afterwards in December, Gianforte got a telephone call with an offer to sell the company.

Greg Gianforte, founder and CEO of RightNow Technologies. The firm was founded Six years prior in 1997 and Gianforte had concocted a thought for a product item that would help organizations to react to their clients' messages. He established RightNow Technologies with $5,000 of his own cash. Before the end of 1997, the organization had earned $20,000. By December 2003, RightNow Technologies’ yearly income had increased to over $35 million. Therefore, in the past week, a substantial programming organization had made him an exceptionally attractive acquisition offer.

From 1997 till 2003, RightNow Technologies had encountered a considerable measure of good and bad times; however, most of the times were good for the firm. There had been a time of cunning bootstrapping, then a round of funding with proceeded client selection that followed a fizzled IPO endeavor along with an alternate round of funding for a significant key movement in strategic development for fast development and a deluge of accomplished administration.

After successfully building an effective wander in 8 years during which Gianforte had bravely spearheaded himself was sold to McAfee for $10 million in 1994 and  it was appreciating retirement in Montana. Be that as it may following 3 serene years, Gianforte once again was energetic and back into action beginning up on an alternate undertaking with the mean to construct 2000 high return tech employments in this community.

In the wake of mapping out all the open doors in the business sector with the thought that Internet will become a core enterprise of the business sector that had uncovered an open door in order to help organizations to give client administration to the clients over the Internet through the utilization of programming.


It is a knee-jerk methodology to initiate an organization by composing a marketable strategy. At that point, you raise a bundle of cash and pitch the cash on a blaze by trusting that an organization turns up before you use up all the cash. Gianforte was dead set to bootstrap his new organization.

Gianforte accumulated the criticism that he got from his client calls by utilizing it to make a spec sheet for his first programming item. At that point, he bolted himself away for six weeks by coding an item that he concedes was "extremely minimal, stripped down”.

With the process under control, he started to sign up clients. He attempted to take cost out of the mathematical statement by offering clearance room bargains. From fall 1997 to spring 1998, Gianforte let the big dog eat with about 40 clients. He was still the main individual in the organization. Persuaded by the 40 receptions that his plan of action was reasonable, Gianforte was prepared to begin employing in the following few months that he could procure 5 worker all deals reps as he doesn't think anything that 'happens until some person offers something’.


In August 1998, Mike Myer got to be representative #8. He was enlisted to RightNow Technologies as Vice-President of Development. Myer was the gentleman who needed to fabricate the items that the RightNow Technologies deals group was offering. "One of the dissatisfactions originated from Greg's theory, 'Don't confound offering with shipping.' We'd get ourselves in circumstances where we needed to create an item because of something we sold. Now and again that was a test. The critical facet was staying centered around building the item we needed to fabricate, while additionally dealing with the client particular gimmicks that were getting us our deals.

RightNow Technologies Case Solution

RightNow Technologies was an application administration supplier (ASP). This implied that clients were purchasing programming that was facilitated remotely and gave to them over the web. The ASP model of programming conveyance was a sharp takeoff from the standard in the product business. The standard was for finished programming items to be smoldered onto DVDs, therapist wrapped, delivered, and afterward introduced generally on an organization's intranet


Business had been multiplying in deals each quarter. RightNow Technologies urgently required administration help in account. Gianforte discovered a hopeful named Susan Carstensen; the beginning arrangement was to raise financing by opening up to the world (IPO) as the various contenders were doing so to addition market visibility, yet it was deferred to the reality organization need money at this moment and IPO would require significant investment henceforth an arrangement was struck in December 1999. RightNow Technologies shut .......................

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Founder and CEO of CRM software run must decide between the attractive offer of purchase and the opportunity to go public. The increase of the company - including a lengthy discussion of entrepreneurial boot - as well as a failed attempt to IPO in 2000. The central question is whether the company will create more value, while remaining independent, or by joining a larger organization.

Rightnow Technologies Case Solution case study solution

by William A. Sahlman, Dan Heath Source: Harvard Business School 26 pages. Publication Date: November 18, 2004. Prod. #: 805032-PDF-ENG

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