Toyota: Repositioning the Brand in Europe (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 1998 he was an excellent one for Toyota in Europe: the company posted record sales in 10 European countries and led Nissan sales in Europe for the first time. However, globally, the European market was still weak spot for Toyota. Market share in Western Europe amounted to only 3%, while the company has completed more than 10% in other international markets such as the United States. In early 1999, was a turning point, and Toyota has publicly announced its goal to increase market share in Europe to 5% by 2005. However, many managers consider different positioning and perception of the Toyota brand in Europe as the main obstacle to growth. The new president of Toyota Europe had to decide whether to alter the brand. If so, he should recommend a single brand image in Europe. How can this be achieved? Provides data on the European market for automobiles, consumer segments and positioning Toyota compared to the competition. It also describes the subtleties of a growing business, making bold changes in the positioning of products and brands. "Hide
by Sean Meehan, Dominique Turpin, George Radler, Madoka Hokamura Source: IMD 26 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2000. Prod. #: IMD198-PDF-ENG

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Toyota: Repositioning the Brand in Europe (A)

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