Organizational Behavior and HRM Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Organizational Behavior and HRM  Case Solution

Nature of the topic/introduction:   

The industry selected is Information technology industry to examine the graduate recruitment and selection process, hence the nature of topic is recruitment and selection process in the IT industry. It is the responsibility of the human resource department that with their support and expertise, they should provide assistance to the managers regarding hiring for making wise decisions when hiring. Recruitment and selection is the process that is designed to make sure the hiring of right people at the right place.

In Information technology (IT) industry, all the companies have different recruitment selection processes, which usually include;

  1. Application forms and resumes
  2. Abilities assessments
  3. Video interview or panel interview
  4. Aptitude tests
  5. Personality profiling
  6. Group exercises
  7. Final stage; information session

Challenges faced by employers:

It is observed that most of the organizations face big challenges to recruit right types of employees, which results in enhancing the return on investment (ROI).

There are variety of challenges faced by employers in IT industry for recruitment and selection process, such as higher cost of advertisements that would attract the great pool of applicants for the vacant positions and after selection, the increase in the cost for the training and development.

Along with this, other challenges that employees face such as, misrepresentation of qualification; as most of the applicants fill wrong information and at the time of selection process, it can be recognized later that the applicant does not have the right experience and qualification.Also, the employers face the problem of nepotism and favoritism regarding hiring family members for the vacant position rather than an applicant who qualifies for the job.Another issue is that the demand for college recruiting is increasing. It is observed that the college recruitment budget and process are same since past few years and the companies should focus on the revised model, which should focus on the applicant’s competencies and skills.

Therefore, the effective recruitment process would help the company to meet the strategic objectives, which include flexible staffing such as regular employment, full time or part time or independent employment. Along with this, it enhances the dissemination of data regarding advanced education and graduate employment. Moreover, it adds to the information of student and graduate career advancement and employment by leading and appointing research;as well as the aim should be to bolster graduate employ-ability from which the companies can enjoy the energetic and dynamic performance of recent graduates.

A review of appropriate academic literature

HR divisions have fundamental significance in any organization. HR division must be careful of all responsibilities related to people of the company. As indicated by specialist, HRM improves the company’s performance through three key channels; increment in employees’ knowledge, skills or aptitudes, and abilities (KSAs), persuades representatives to leverage their KSAs for the firm advantages,as well as it engages representatives to do as such.(Malik & Abdul waheed)

According to research, it has been examined that most of the managers face problems in terms of references, recruitment timing, invalid standards, and unavailability of skills, lack of in dependencies, culture, and unfamiliarity with the job etc. (Moran, 2003)

In developed economies, the demographics and economic conditions are changing continuously, which tends to increase the competitive labor markets, where every employer wants to hire excellent employees as the demand for skilled employees is increasing (widen, 2010). He has focused on the strategic investment that would attract the skilled ad qualified employees; such as employer branding that links the economic and functional benefits for employment with particular company.Organizational Behavior Case Solution

According to Emma Pollard in 2016, the recent work by IES for the benefit of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills highlights the difficulties confronting managers in expecting to enroll graduates, and the methodologies they adopt for selection of graduates and how these have changed over time. She has blamed the social mobility for beingthe main factor that has changed the selection process methods for accessing higher education candidates. (Pollard, 2016).....................

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