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Introductory note for students of MBA marketing and the nature of those found in its study. The theme, the marketing violated two basic conceptual stuff - tools, tasks and variables of marketing and marketing processes. Regarding tools, promotion (advertising and sales in the first place), pricing, distribution and product policies considered. In one process, situation analysis, strategy formulation, planning, organizing, budgeting, marketing, implementation, and analysis of sales activity are introduced. The goal is to give the student MBA beginning of the review, as a discipline and the main topics involved in its study. The organization suggested seizures significantly develop the first marketing year course at Harvard Business School, as well as the organization of the marketing of this book, the authors note. "Hide
by Thomas W. Bonoma, Thomas J. Kosnik 18 pages. Publication Date: July 13, 1989. Prod. #: 590007-PDF-ENG

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What Is Marketing

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