Avaya (C): Implementing Demand Generation in Brazil, Spanish Version Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The top management of Avaya desires to enhance demand generation. This requires an improvement in the relationship between Marketing and Sales. The Avaya Study, which consists of four parts, guides the student through each stage of this procedure. Its first edition provides historical details on the business and requests the student to develop a strategy to enhance the manner in which Sales and Marketing work together. The incorporated funnel explains the point of view that alongside integration of marketing and sales funnels in a vertical pattern, the head of marketing in the business should go for sales funnels comfortably, while these funnels should be incorporated horizontally as well.

This narrative implies that both marketing and sales should each play a role in each phase of the procedure from email marketing options right through to its closing stage. They discussed, and came to the conclusion that functions are incorporated by supporting them to work simultaneously is the best way, instead of just a sequence. For instance, they stipulate that Advertising should be included on the weekly sales conference call. The students are then asked to think about how they would implement these ideas. In the (C) case, the implementation strategy for a particular market--Brazil--is described. In particular, we're given data that were used in the roll out process that revealed the market's supervisors how they compared with other marketplaces on a number of measurements. Eventually, the (D) instance shows some early data suggesting that this new way of working together has had a significant impact.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 21, 2008 PRODUCT #: 513S18-HCB-SPA

This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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Avaya (C): Implementing Demand Generation in Brazil, Spanish Version

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