OneCard: Building a Savings and Benefits Platform Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Gives account of how the entrepreneur was able to take the opportunity to start a new business and manage the inexpensive but effective sales operation. Khalid Gibran showed signs of entrepreneurial style - he regarded the rules as a guide only and was prepared to adjust the priorities of the organization to make the most of the changing circumstances. In less than three years, he led the two organizations, but he had to make a number of important compromises. OneCard - his latest and most ambitious project - was launched just before Hong Kong was surrounded by the mysterious SARS virus. As retail sales fell and Hong Kong residents to avoid eating, many enterprises have been preparing for more uncertainty. Gibran, however, saw a marketing opportunity from the many problems, and the ability to grow its merchant and subscriber bases. "Hide
by Thomas M. Hout, Amir Hoosain Source: University of Hong Kong, 11 pages. Publication Date: May 19, 2004. Prod. #: HKU301-PDF-ENG

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OneCard: Building a Savings and Benefits Platform

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