Wausau Equipment Company: Lean Journey (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The next thing that the management of the company needs to do is make lean system implemented in all the other divisions of the company as well. Figure 7 in the case study has shown that the part rework of the company is reduced by 70%. In order to make it more sustainable, the company needs to go for LP’s project with time of twenty weeks. According to the Fishbone diagram explained in the case, the main reason behind the issues faced by the company was because of the quality that was not up to the mark. The MSD department of the company needs to arrange systems to ensure quality. In addition to this, the company can also go for Total Quality Management implementation as well.

What should the management’s next steps be In the implementation of Lean?

As of now, the recent Lean approach is managed by a consulting company named as Lean Dynamics. However, the company needs to take steps to make the lean system implemented on a permanent basis. Implementation of such lean system is important and becomes a major requirement for continuous improvement. In order to do this, the Wausau Company needs to take the steps as follows. First, there is a high need in the company to make their staff trained about the new approach. The training process should be started from the upper level management, thus, Vice President of the company Patterson, who was extremely reluctant because of his unsuccessful experiences related to Lean management. However, it has been observed that after the implementation of Lean System, a significant reduction has been observed in the overall losses of the company.

After the implementation of the lean system, the company should track the areas where improvement has been seen along with the areas with no effect. In this way, the management of the company would be able to make their workers, and VP realized the importance and benefits of Lean system. In addition to this, the company needs to make its employees aware about the responsibilities and provide knowledge step by step to make improvements in the overall process. Moreover, rewards and incentives should be given to those employees who are working and helping in the implementation of the system. Further, management at Wausau can do the proper statistical interpretation of the outputs generated by the Lean system for each department....................................

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