Reaching the Summit and Beyond: Hong Kong Broadband Network’s Innovative Approach to Talent Engagement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What is the core of HKBN’s talent management system?

The core of HKBN’s talent management system is the people who have been the major success factor for the firm. Along with this, the core value for the company has been to fulfill the desire of self-actualization and to become everything that one is capable of becoming. This has been the core of HKBN’s talent management system, which has provided competitive advantage to the firm.

The company has been quite committed in uplifting the morale, ability, attitude of the employees in different environments. Basically, the company has been committed at providing the right environment to its talent. Along with this, the talent has also been supported by the corporate culture, technology, and processes all of which have been inclined towards the delivery of customer service.

It is effective? Why or why not.

The attribute of investing upon the talent by HKBN has been the most effective and efficient source for the company. It has been able to stay ahead of competition and in fact sustain itself in the market by focusing on talents that are recruited. The core objective of investing upon the talent management system has helped the firm in becoming trustworthy, entrepreneurial, engaging and responsive.

Moreover, the firm has succeeded in the market because of its focus and commitment in actually trusting the talents. The decision making authority has also been passed on to the talents, which makes the overall decision making process aligned with organizational goals and objectives.

The company has been successful because it has encouraged talent involvement and it is also providing exceptional careers to the employees which can help them find competitive position in the firm.

After the managed buy out will anything need to change?

After the managed buy-out, things have to be changed. The reason is simple, the firm has to change and in fact align itself with the consolidation at HKBN as people have been asked to move to the parent company (CTI). This is because the managed buy-out talents have been rather encouraged to take risks that are calculated and are bound to favor the firm.

Moreover, talents have also been offered dual responsibilities in some cases which make it a different approach as compared to the past. The company has to design policies that favor the system and the overall business process, rather than staying focused on the talent management at HKBN.

Reaching the Summit and Beyond Hong Kong Broadband Network’s Innovative Approach to Talent Engagement Case Solution

Along with this, the change in business process can also take place because the system can be further rectified, which can result in improved results that can sustain the credibility of the firm in the market. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the company would have to change its focus to a certain extent after the managed buy-out...........................

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