Axel Springer in 2014: strategic leadership of the digital media transformation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Beyond 2014, who is best positioned to take advantage of the evolving digital landscape:  the old media content experts or the new media technology experts?  Why?  How can Axel Springer effectively fight against Google and other firms that may negatively impact the “Fair Search and Fair Share” environment referenced in the case?"

As per the case, the new media technology experts are rather positioned in a slightly better manner to take the advantage of the evolving digital landscape. The reason for this statement is based upon the fact that Google and similar firms have been offering all the content over the internet for free. As compared to old media, content experts have been charging for the content they deliver to the customers.

Therefore, to compete with the industry giants in the coming era, Axel Springer needs to offer free of cost content to the customers. To generate the income, companies in the old media can generate revenues by offering different companies the option to advertise their brand over the article, news, etc. uploaded by Axel Springer. This shall ensure that reliable content for the users are available for free. In addition, to compete with rivals such as Google, Springer can use the similar business model and offer customers free of cost content.

Although it is quite difficult for Axel Springer to compete with firms such as Google who have a large database and the content available for the readers is for free, however, it is necessary that Axel Springer has a similar business strategy to gauge in the readers and provide them the access to quality news articles for free. This shall serve as a competitive strategy for Axel Springer that would help them generate reasonable profits and threat to firms such as Google.

By aligning with the latest business techniques, Axel Springer can be a competitive firm where it can compete with the new media technology experts also. Along with this, Axel Springer can also use the “bottom down” approach to make the decision making easier and effective. Lastly, it can be said that, by following the above mentioned methods, the company can become successful and overcome the threat of staying behind new media technology experts such as Google...................

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Axel Springer in 2014: strategic leadership of the digital media transformation

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