Leveraging Diversity Through Psychological Safety Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When interpersonal risks have a big impact at the moment, people are often not able to act independently and in the interests of their organization. When uncertainty clouds peoples preliminary thoughts and views - views that may be contrary to the interests of others - they are often on the path of reducing interpersonal resistance, in order to avoid conflict and confrontation. This can happen when the stakes are high (the patient's health, safety, aircraft, expensive acquisitions) and when not much is at stake (a small idea of ​​improving not informed person who can act on it). In any case, the silence, along with incomplete thoughts, which are the basis of this, the team slows learning in organizations that depend on such training for maintenance of viability. As a result, almost every organization, failed to cooperate occurs numerous times during the day, usually without much conscious attention. Variety of three separate species exacerbate these trends. The authors explain how psychological safety "can include a variety of the team to be better and borrowed funds, which allowed the team to take advantage of the benefits associated with different sets of skills, experience, knowledge and traditions in ways that would not have been possible if the team members do not want to take risks associated with speaking.
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by Amy C. Edmondson, Katherine S. Roloff Source: Rotman School of Management, 5 pages. Publication Date: September 1, 2009. Prod. #: ROT093-PDF-ENG

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Leveraging Diversity Through Psychological Safety

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