twitter harvard Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

twitter harvard case solution

Decision and Background

Twitter is a San Francisco-based company that is offering micro-blogging services to send 140-character text updates, called “tweets”, which other users can also read. It is the age of technology and globalization. People want to adopt technology up to their highest level and also want to bring change in their lives. Due to social media perception, thoughts and feelings are changing day by day. People have ample options of social networking like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.

twitter harvard case solution

twitter harvard case solution

Twitter facilitates and provides a platform for individuals and professionals to access industries in order to create relationships and diversify its impact on their work (see Figure 4). Twitter has users around the globe including individuals, businesses, celebrities, government officials and others. Twitter has worked with more than 1,600 advertisers as a result; revenues have increased from $28 million in 2010 to $317 million by 2012.


            Twitter has to adopt “Product Development Strategy” to add more services for customers just like other networks. “Video Streaming” option can be very effective for Twitter because of customers’ preferences. Videos of famous TV shows like CBC, Star World, HBO, MTV, National Geographic and others will help to bring more unique visitors. “Videos uploading” option can also bring more customers in the market. Effective photo-tagging and album sharing system with multiple features will also attract various customers. “Video conferencing” features will provide value addition because currently it is very common among the people. File attachment feature will strengthen Twitter and attract customers.

Assumptions & Uncertainties

Twitter has various competitors like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. Facebook has more than five times users as compared to Twitter. This is the area of concern for Twitter if they want to survive and gain competitive advantage. Young generation has not been able to use Twitter due to lack of a time and old persons, young generation along with housewives use Facebook due to sufficient time period. Twitter’s big concern is regarding illegitimate content users in the form of spam, viruses, and fake accounts. Fake Twitter accounts create a negative impact on users and discourage them to use it. Due to these reliability issues, growth of Twitter is questionable in the long run unless it will overcome them.

Action Plan

            To implement product development strategy, Twitter will need to hire talented professionals including web designers, graphic designers, software engineers and other technical personnel for value addition and to strengthen its brand image. Twitter has to hire suppliers so as to support streaming and video players just like other social networks like Facebook, YouTube, MySapce, LinkedIn, etc. Successful product development strategy demands effective promotions and advertising activities to attract customers. Keeping in mind the immense competition, Twitter will also need to design their strategies according to customers’ demographics and geography. Twitter will also look at the web traffic area as 40% of them belong to the United ................

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Twitter is a micro-blogging company that allows users to send short text updates for others. The site is used by people, including celebrities, government officials, and business. This helps to raise money for non-profit organizations and provides first responders with information during a disaster. Despite the nearly 10 million people have visited the site in early 2009, the site was not a strategy of monetization of traffic. The case allows students to explore possible strategies to monetize Twitter. "Hide
by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, David Chen, Bill Heil Source: Harvard Business School 28 pages. Publication Date: January 25, 2010. Prod. #: 710455-PDF-ENG

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