Evoe Spring Spa: A Positioning Dilemma Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The co-founders of Evoe Spring Spa should decide on the positioning of their business in the nascent Indian health spa market.

Due to this, the cofounders need to assemble this category by changing consumer attitudes toward health spa services. To identify the target section and also the very best positioning for Evoe, the co founders analyze the market as well as their adversaries and run qualitative consumer research.

Finally, they must select from three positioning concepts that are workable. Authors Ashita Aggarwal Sharma and Renuka Kamath are affiliated with SP Jain Institute of Management & Research.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 13, 2014 PRODUCT #: W13570-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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Evoe Spring Spa: A Positioning Dilemma

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