Erika James: The Life and Career of an Associate Professor Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Erika James was a tenured associate professor at the Darden School when she was requested to be the Associate Dean for Diversity, a new position at the school and had been for nine years in academe. She contemplated the issue thoroughly and discussed the offer with her co-workers. The place would bring with it a sizeable increase in pay, substantially more duty, and many more administrative assemblies, with a continuing demand to meet with her teaching responsibilities. Overall, the job would mean more work. The job require her to create strategy and an initiative for the office from scratch, and would probably cut into her available consulting time in the summer. And she still desired to reach professor.

She had numerous research projects under approach and was partway in the course of her first novel manuscript. She had two little kids full of excitement and energy. She had a full time au pair and a Pilates trainer that is private. She had always been recognized for her jolly, can-do attitude. Could she swallow the supplementary stress? This instance is an undisguised description of career and James's life and her views on several issues. A CD along with video clips of dialogue with her spouse, James, and several of her work associate degrees accompanies the written case. The video clips contain both pieces that could be delegated ahead of class and some that could be shown during course at the instructor's discretion.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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Erika James: The Life and Career of an Associate Professor

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