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SPSS HELP Case Solution


Nowadays, data analytics has become a vital part of businesses, as decisions taken at any level, at any organization are based on a thorough analysis of historical data.Data analytics is the science of investigating data and finding a trend that allows the user to take an informed decision.With advancement in technology, data analytics methods have also automated, as numerous software's are available in the market that perform data analysis, as a result allowing ease to the users.

Statistical Analyses

Statistics involves collection, analyses and summarizing of data. Sampling is one of the most important techniques used in statistics that allows a researcher to perform test on a small number of participants whereas, the results of these tests represent the whole population, therefore less work is required and results are achieved quickly (Norusis, 2007).
Before data can be analyzed, data needs to be obtained and the process of obtaining data also involves some measurement processes. Different measurement methods are used and the results obtained are assigned to relevant measurement scales before they can be tested. The data obtained is then classified into different categories as per there class. The result sometimes gets distorted due to a faulty process of obtaining data, which involves the grouping effect where results from data after grouping are different form results obtained before grouping while they both were expected to be same.The second error that sometimes occur is spatial effect in which participants are selected in a way that the result of the group differs from the actual results of the total population.

History of Statistics

The field of statistics is young as compared to other scientific fields and has been studied for almost 150 years however,major works have been carried out during the past century. Many notable statisticians have served it such as Pascal. Historically statistics had been used only on information of a state’s population to decide economic policies, andafterwards they were usedin analyzing temperature records. Researchers of different fields have been using statistical models to further study there relevant fields, therefore it can be said that different statistical concepts have affected broad ranges of fields of science.The main benefit of statistical models is that it allows the designing of experiments; therefore the results obtained are not distorted.


SPSS  is well-known data analytics software, which was produced by IBM SPSS INC., isused in social science for statistical analysis. Some of the main statistical features include basic descriptive stats and sophisticated inferential and multivariate statistical procedures such as analysis of variance analysis. The scope of the software is wide but is mainly used for research purposes.
The main benefit of SPSS is that it has made complex analytical tests much easier by providing a user friendly access to people for using quantitative techniques in making complex decisions. The creators of the program have put all their expertise in fulfilling the demand of the customers.
The main motto of making this software was to spread the use of data for decision-making. The reason for success of the software is that it reveals the real benefits that users derive from using the data analytics techniques in a very user friendly environment (DiMaggio, 2013)...................

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