ViaGen: Revolutionizing the Livestock Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

ViaGen has invested heavily in the development of cloning technology for the livestock industry. Cloning has the potential to significantly improve the genetics of cattle, leading to higher meat quality, animal health, and more efficient production. Since 2003 the company has been waiting for FDA to declare that meat and milk from cloned animals is not different from non-clones. During this period, the company has worked to educate regulators, consumers and members of the chain of livestock cloning. In late 2006, FDA declaration appears imminent. ViaGen CEO Mark Walton to develop a variety of business plans to commercialize the technology of cloning of pigs, cattle and horses, all of which have a different structure of the industry. At the same time, he must consider what to do if the announcement is delayed again. "Hide
by David E. Bell, Mary Shelman, Roger Martin Source: Harvard Business School 30 pages. Publication Date: December 15, 2006. Prod. #: 507021-PDF-ENG

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ViaGen: Revolutionizing the Livestock Industry

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