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Business Plan project Case Solution


Before starting a new business, you need to plan together all the things. Here you need to consider some of the points. First of all, you need to consider the business plan should be easy to understand there must be no complexity, and it is continuing in the process. It means that if you need to change the plan as per as age and experience thenyou can quickly change the plan. (Sahlman, 1997)

  • The firstand the most important point is to make sure you know many things about your market. Like target customer.
  • If you sell your product online, thenyou need to know who your compotator is.
  • There is a multiple another channel to sale your product like eBay, Amazon and so one. But you need to consider which one is giving you a more business
  • One of the important point in e-Business you need to find your purchasing process that must be easy to the customer.
  • If you expand your business globally, thenyou need to consider localization requirement for example currency and language.
  • The critical point in the business you have to develop the proper relation with the customer
  • Make sure you support all of your subordinates like staff partners and supplier.
  • The most important perspective of the business is the promotion. You need to know which channel is appropriate or valuable for development.

Mission statement

Running an e-commerce business is not easy at all. There area lot of challenges to face such asyou need to fill the customers’ requirement.In e-commerce business the first and the most important thing is to develop trust asit is not easy to establish a trust with the client in online business. Although our mission is to build the confidence with the customer as regardless of what the customer require we have to fill their needs. The product as shown on the website should be as it is when provided to the customer as there are already numerous e-businesses and some of them show high-quality product and providea low quality. Nonetheless,our motive of the company is to make a trustworthy relation with the customer.


In e-commerce business, if you adopt all the barriers then that increases your company’s performance. Moreover,in the e-commerce business, there are internal and external barriers. In the external barriers, one of the most important barriers is common technology standard because in e-commerce there are a lot of other compotators, and they use a new technology in business because if the company tries to new way of doing things or wants to become innovative, they should be more successful.The other external barriers are e-competencies, global trading like laws embrace, financial problems and one of the most important is supply chain; if e-commerce business’ supply chain is strong then it would improve the performance of the company. The other barrier is to understand the e-environment if you don't know about the e-environment, then you would not able to sustain. Furthermore, barriers arise due to the lack of research about market and lack of resources and knowledge, the company’s financial condition and its size, and the skill level of the employable of trust in the IT industry, these all are the internal barriers and external barriers...............

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