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How can senior professionals pass their experience to young professionals in the company?


The paper discusses how senior professionals can pass on their experience to young professionals in an organization. Basically, the paper revolves around the training and coaching of employees in a rather natural and friendly manner. Due to increasing changes in the corporate culture, nowadays companies look to train and coach employees in a natural manner. Previously, companies used to conduct formal training sessions and coaching sessions in order to align new young professionals with goals and objectives of the company. Over a period of time this culture has transformed drastically. Now training and coaching of people or young professionals is mostly done in an informal and natural manner. For instance, the best way is to provide a positive work environment. This means that the priority of any organization should be to create an environment where employees can adjust. Along with this developing team spirit is a necessity. Team work should revolve around a company’s culture. A company should encourage open and honest communication, which will foster young professionals to interact in a positive manner and develop teamwork among employees. Playing games within office premises may train and coach employees to perform different tasks during their job. In fact this can serve as the basis of on the job coaching and training in a much natural a manner. Dinning out with young professionals also accounts for improvement in relationship among employees within a company. In the end, it can be said that organizations are looking to transform a rather informal and natural way to train and coach employees or young professionals because of the fact that traditional training and coaching methods have become obsolete and vague. Therefore, improvement is necessary to stay align with corporate trends.


In today’s competitive market it is quite difficult to motivate and manage employees while keeping the environment a friendly one for them. Employers today face significant challenges in finding skilled and competent employees for a particular designation. Moreover, the attitudes of young workforce and employees have changed quite drastically. According to a recent survey, 60% of the employers or the senior employees have shown their concerns that that the new generation of professionals is not committed to the job. In fact, they are in constant search of places where they can get better monetary rewards. These statistics show that the loyalty element towards organizations has been eliminated.

In this section, the paper discusses about the ways in which senior professionals can pass their experience to young professionals in the company. The paper deals with the idea of training and coaching employees and in a natural way between employees. With the recent shift in focus within organizations where they are no longer looking to force particular training and coaching sessions of employees, in fact nowadays organizations look to transfer the coaching and training sessions to the young in a rather natural and friendly environment. Senior professionals at large multinational organizations have actually found a better way to train young professionals. Keeping this in mind, senior professionals recently have looked to focus on other aspects rather than relying on traditional methods of employee training and coaching.

To acquire long term success and development of professionals, senior management has looked to use various different tactics to educate young professionals on the job and off the job. In fact, with the passage of time, the principles of managing employees have changed. Previously, certain specific training was given to young professionals and newly hired employees, but now things have changed. So much so that now organizations have made changes to the training and development methods. Now young professionals are passed on with the training and coaching in a rather friendly and natural manner. To better understand the concept and to actually transfer training and coaching to young professionals in a natural way, following things can be done,

Provide a Positive Working Environment

First of all, the most important element or aspect within any organization while hiring young professionals is to create and develop an environment that is friendly and healthy for each employee. If the environment is not a healthy one or a friendly one employees can not develop understanding among them. While hiring new professionals especially those that are young, organizations need to handle them in quite a positive manner. Training and coaching comes second, initial idea is to make the employees accustomed to the positive working environment. In essence of an open and transparent form of communication, the first step for any company is to develop an environment that is friendly and encouraging for employees. This is the basic feature which makes the employees feel that................

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