TowneBank: Of David and Goliaths Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

During the summer of 1998, all bankers, Bob Aston and his partners, spent many days discussing their plans to take up a bank in the southeastern area of Virginia, USA. Deregulation was transforming the banking industry. Aston felt that banking as he knew it was evaporating. Nonetheless, before they could begin a bank, partners and Aston confronted conclusions and many questions : How would they raise the capital? Who would the bank serve? How would they compete with the bigger banks that had emerged due to the deregulation? The decisions they made at the initiation had a lasting imprint on TowneBank.

While TowneBank remained relatively unscathed, this became evident a decade later as financial institutions round the country experienced a severe crisis that was triggered by exposure to risky mortgages. However, the management team had to consider several issues as the crisis unfolded. Should they take the Distressed Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds that the U.S. Treasury had offered to even banks that were unlikely to neglect and were sufficiently capitalized? How could they ensure the growth of TowneBank? Should they acquire distressed banks in the neighborhood marketplace?

TowneBank Of David and Goliaths Case Study Solution

PUBLICATION DATE: October 11, 2011 PRODUCT #: W11335-PDF-ENG

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TowneBank: Of David and Goliaths

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