Micawber Capital: For Mission or Profit? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Micawber Capital: For Mission or Profit? Kellogg Case Solution


Taking the best strategic decision is not an easy task. Many issues and problems come to the forth that has to be looked at

After IPO that was set up on August 2010, corporate structure had to be suggested senior director ROBERT DRAKE, leading director at MICAWBER CAPITAL. This job had to to be done in July 2010. IPO was set up to attract financial institution and stakeholders. To attract, DRAKE promised that his aims would lessen poverty in INDIA, mostly from rural areas. Micro-credit loan was the idea. But he realized that most of stakeholder was interested in higher returns on their investments.  Drake’s idea to offer micro credit loans and the stakes holder’s interest of higher profits, were not even close. Drake had to take a wise strategic decision that could fulfill the interests of investors and his clients, so that the conflict between these two parties was resolved and his is achieved.

His main objectives were:

.To fulfill company’s mission and objective and serve the need of his new investors.

.In social enterprises, to meet the expectations of both the commercial and reluctant investors.

.For long term partnerships, to discuss the threats, demands, challenges, and key partnerships in depth.

. To achieve this, organize policies and make plans and identify processes that could balance the values and financial decisions

Written by JEFFERY C BURRELL AND DAVID AUSTIN-SMITH and published in 2010.Identifies concepts such as:


Product no: KEL712 (HBS)

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