This Office is Jinxed (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tom Jordan, vice president of strategy and new to a large office products company was awarded the three objectives of the company president's revised pricing strategy, adding at least $ 50 million in 2008 net revenue, streamline the assembly process in the new store to add some discipline and reduce new stores financial disasters, and to develop a process to analyze and improve the impact of income is spent on advertising. After the decision on the establishment of the pricing problem, he asked each department head to attend the meetings of the task force or to appoint a decision maker from the region to participate. He has not received an enthusiastic response from the head of merchandising, and knew that they could undermine or block pricing task force recommended. In addition, task force members were not shown any enthusiasm for this task too.
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by Thomas Cross Source: Darden School of Business 5 pages. Publication Date: November 12, 2007. Prod. #: UV0897-PDF-ENG

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This Office is Jinxed (A)

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