Performance Appraisal at Telespazio Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Performance Appraisal at Telespazio Case Study Solution

What are the competencies regarding each organizational role?

The skills and competencies are measured by using the Competency Management System or every person working in the organization. This system is develop to reduce the communication gap between the employees and the managers as continuous reporting is there. There are business drivers that help in understanding the main role. For example, value creation the roles are planning, control and economic sensitivity. For market and customer orientation the roles are quality assurance, networking and problem solving. For innovation development and change management the roles are change management and creativity/innovation. These factors are then evaluated by the managers with respect to the rating scales every employee get to know about his/her rankings or ratings. The ratings scales give the idea about the quality of work, ethical behaviour, time management, flexibility and communication.

What are the primary steps for effective performance management?

The primary steps for effective performance are measured through the following steps but this is done in the first quarter of every year so that the employees will have much time to look after their strengths and weaknesses throughout the year and correct themselves accordingly.

The first step is the appraisal interview in which the managers take the interviews of their employees. In which the employees get to know about their strengths and they try to overcome their weaknesses by getting training. On the other hand both the managers and employees should not consider this as a useless tool in fact this tool helps in building good relationship with the managers, and in return the communication gap is reduced and employees can improve their skills in the future.

The next step is the paperless appraisal where the data is collected using the electronic system called SAP-HR. This tool helps to get the feedback of the employees easily with the rating scales. And it helps to measure the employee performance and help to collect all the necessary information for the training programs by answering all the questions in the procedure. This is for all employees that are in the organization, and after this, the feedback is also taken.

After this, there is the last step called overall appraisal in which the employees get the result by the rating scales and work accordingly to improve and overcome their weaknesses by looking at their strengths.

Who is the evaluator of the appraisal?

HR department is responsible for the evaluation of these appraisals. It is usually done by one supervisor. But this depends on the situation when the work is done on daily basis two managers are responsible for the evaluation i.e. the project manager and the line manager. They identify the resources, objectives and then they define the problem by looking at the strengths and weaknesses and what kind of training to be given to the employees.

What should the management do in order to keep the strategies align in the future?

Telespazio is a giant company with good revenues and they are able to expand their business globally. This status is gained through a good HR system that is done internally in the organization. Telespazio has a good and ethical culture and it strongly work on the principles that are set by the management. Every employee is dedicated to work as their performance are measured by the PAD system that is developed by Telespazio.

Every employee performance skills and objectives are measured and evaluated so that they may be able to know about their strengths and weaknesses and overcome them in future.

Telespazio caters a good HR department so it need to maintain its structure of the SAP system and in future as the world is changing so they have to develop the system according to the situation in order to motivate the employees better.

What is the PAT process in Telepazio?

The PAT process includes the following steps:

  • HR department schedules the dates and the managers are requested to take the appraisal interviews.
  • The managers enters the data in SAP of the previous year’s appraisal and the objectives.
  • Then the data is analysed.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the report is done.
  • Than the company sets the training and development plan.

What is T-PAD process in Telepazio?

Answer: This is the revised version of PAT. PAT used to be of three rating scales but T-PAD consists of 4 rating scales for managers and employees related to their objectives met and skills/competencies that are organizational and technical. The T-PAD system was communicated to all the people working in the organization through email.

New Rating Scale for objectives
Managers, Specialists and professionals Employees and operators
Not achieved To be improved
Partially achieved Adequate
Achieved High
Exceeded Excellent
New Rating Scales for skills and competencies
Organizational competencies Technical Competencies
To be improved Aware
Adequate Familiar
High Skilled
Excellent Master



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