Pasadena water solution started its business operations as Pasadena oil equipment (POE) in Pasadena, Taxes. The company is located in the southeast of Houston and has simple access to the ports and highways of the Pasadena. Moreover, the company produces approximately 1900 different models of equipment for the burgeoning oil industry. By using the application of cutting-edge technology, the company Pasadena Oil equipment has maintained a strong position in the research and development expertise. However, after achieving great success in the oil industry, in the 1950 s, the company decided that it should further expand its business operations to the chemicals; power generation and heavy manufacturing industry which would help the company in maintaining the more customer base in the oil industry. The company believed that all the three industries provide the similar product needs to the customers.

Mike Wolfe is the manager of the Pasadena water solution and responsible for managing the responsibilities of the product packaging and distribution. The company used 50 wooden containers to provide water cleaning facilities to the customers who are also the part of the PWS sustainability program. The customers are also responsible for managing the disposal of the shipping containers. In thiscase it is highlighted that Mike does not use the option of disposal by incineration for energy or by dumping in a landfill. The primary purpose of Mike is to identify that whether the monetary value of the containers would have a positive influence on his bottom line or whether the new program of sustainability would support the operations of the company or not. Mike has to implement the sustainability initiatives in theorganization which would help him in maintaining the arrivalof the containers every week at the plant and also to solve the issue of runningout of space to store the new products in the warehouse.


In this case, the main issue that the company faced is the storing of the container at the Pasadena facility due to its large size. The company shipped the water system equipment to the worldwide. However, the company's containers are only returned from Canada and the United States. Moreover, Mike is not aware of the take back laws that they imposed on its containers. Due to the construction project delay, the company would not be able to forecast the return time of the containers as well as unaware of the condition of the returned containers which resulted in a financial loss to the company.


The customers play a significant role in the success of the business. No company would achieve success in the market without the help of the loyal customers who always put their great effort in the betterment of the company's products. If we look at the past performance of the PWS sustainability initiatives, then it could be said that the company has become the most sustainable organization in the market due to the intense pressure of the customers. The customers of the PWS are actively participating in the sustainability programs of the organization which also maintain a strong relationship with customers as well as the stakeholders.................

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