Advancement in the management of the Septic Arthritis in Adults Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Advancement in the management of the Septic Arthritis in Adults Case Study Solution


Arthritis is an infection caused by the bacteria or the virus that, spreads to the joint and around the joint fluid. Furthermore, it is important to know that, this infection occurs somewhere else in the body.That might be caused by the surgery, open wounds and also by the injection as well. Meanwhile, the bacteria or the virus spreads through the bloodstream, and affect the joint tissues. Meanwhile, there are many complications and complexities in the human to understand. Indeed, only one joint is affected in the condition of arthritis, either it is shoulder joint, hip joint or the knee joint as well.(C. Shiel Jr, 2015)

Furthermore, it is important to know that, this septic arthritis is caused by the certain type of bacteria or the virus. Indeed it also flows through the bloodstream, so the question arises that, why virus or bacteria is not detected by the immune system. It is also important to understand why the immune system did not locate and react to the condition. However, it is also important to understand the medical conditions, which might be causes and consequences of septic arthritis. On the other hand, it can be determined that, this medical condition being uncommon, but it very complicated to understand and diagnose.(Martel, 2016)

Because, there could be very complicated things in the condition.Since, it is known as an uncommon disease that affects the joints of the affected person. Therefore, it is important to understand the condition with the root causes analysis,so to understand what could be potential symptoms, causes and the consequences. Consequently, it is also important to know the advancement and management of arthritis categorically,have taken place in response to arthritis.Meanwhile, how this medical condition could be avoided.(Patient Info, 2016)

Septic Arthritis

Septic Arthritis is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria or the virus.That is drawn from open wound, injection, surgery or certain medical conditions that might be associated with it.Such as the weak immune system could also be associated arthritis. Since, it is found that this medical condition is affected, by the microorganisms in the human body.Moreover, it is important to know that, these microorganisms could only affect the body from outside, so they enter the body and multiply their selves, flow through the bloodstream and affect the joints.

Similarly, it is clear that flow of some infectious bacteria or the virus could be regarded,as the immune system that could not detect the virus or the bacteria, and allow it to flow through the blood stream. So, it can be determined that, either immune system has become so weak that it does not detect the bacteria and react to the infection in the body. Indeed, the one important cells that are white blood cells that combine to kill or destroy all those microorganism or other substances that are causing the condition.

However, it is important to know white cells are influenced by the immune system, because the immune system directs to the various types of cells in the body, to prepare to attack the bacteria or the virus and destroy. Similarly, it can be determined that, immune system become weak to detect the virus or bacteria. Meanwhile, there could be potential reasons that why the immune system becomes weak, to attack these micro organisms and the substances. Meanwhile, it is important to understand, what types of the microorganisms could be involved inseptic arthritis in the adults.

Causes of the Arthritis

Since, the septic arthritis is a condition of inflammation in the joint, either in the hip, knee or the shoulder as well. Indeed, there are rare cases, in which the bacteria or virus attack the multiple joints. Furthermore, there are three types of the bacteria that has been reported to affect the human joints.By flowing through the bloodstream and attack the joint,which causes the inflammation, Haemophilus influenza, staphylococcus, streptococcus and the pain as well. However, these bacteria and other substances enter the body from outside.Either through an open wound or the surgery as well.

Furthermore, it is important to know that, these certain types of the medical conditions might lead to the septic arthritis infection. Such as the Mumps, Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome (AID), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), weak immune system, herpes viruses, adenovirus and the hepatitis A, B and C could also cause septic arthritis in the joints.Similarly, it is common that these medical conditions could cause septic arthritis. Meanwhile, peoples with these medical conditions are more exposed, to the risk of inflammation or infection in the joints.

Indeed, the weaken immune system could be the main cause of the conditions. Because, many studies suggest that,microorganisms adopt many strategies to keep alive in the human body. Meanwhile, they also change their lifestyles, to keep their selves alive within the human body. Indeed, many scientific studies have discovered that, these microorganisms are well aware of the human body.The one strategy they adopt to live is that, they frequently change their nature from one type to another to defeat the immune system..........................

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