Do It Show: New Mobile Communications Service in Korea Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is of controversies and issues in the launch of a new brand of telecommunications services KTF, a mobile communications companies in Korea. As a second player in the 2G service, which offers voice and text messaging services, KTF decided to become the number one player in the new market of 3G services, which offer reliable communication video and high-speed data transfer, as well as voice and text messaging services. To do this, KTF has developed a new brand called "show" and has a range of integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy to attract customers. After just four months since its launch, KTF successfully attracted more than one million members. Several critical points for the successful launch of the new brand in mobile telecommunication services can be defined in this case. Underlines the success of the introduction of new brand strategy launched in KTF. Then the mobile telecommunications market situation in South Korea added. The next section provides a brief explanation of KTF and its new strategy of launching the brand in the market of 3G services, covering topics from market research 3G-services brand building process. The following is the study of how KTF used integrated marketing communications for its new brand 3G services SHOW. Finally, the reaction of competitors to the successful launch of the brand in KTF summed. "Hide
Youngchan by Kim, Changjo Yoo Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 18 pages. Publication Date: August 25, 2008. Prod. # 908A12-PDF-ENG

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Do It Show: New Mobile Communications Service in Korea

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