Porsche: Harnessing Social Media Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Different marketing alternatives are being analyzed by the promotion director of an advertising agency to show to Porsche Canada. The goal is to generate sales of Porsche vehicles in Canada by using social networking to emphasize the fact that Porsches could be driven in winter states. The goal of the program, which includes a number of the latest social networking tools and messages, augments Porsche Car Canada's conventional marketing campaign of billboards, event sponsorships and print advertisements in superior publications.

The marketing director faces resource constraints: he has only a three-man marketing team and the limited marketing budget means the plan can probably focus on only three distinguishing social media vehicles. In addition, much of Porsche's social media efforts are run out of the United States. The advertising director has to work within these constraints to construct a social media movement with a Canadian focus.

Porsche Harnessing Social Media Case Study Solution

PUBLICATION DATE: November 07, 2014 PRODUCT #: W14565-HCB-ENG

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Porsche: Harnessing Social Media

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