Mama’s and Papa’s Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Living and Loving

This magazine claims to provide their target audience with a complete package of parenting from pregnancy to the childhood as it is portrayed in its pay-off line. It is the cheapest magazine for consumers with a price of R22.95 amongst the different competitors. It aims to target new mothers and mothers-to-be, with the content of the magazine focusing on practical advice and information on pregnancy to pre-schooling.

Your Baby

‘Your Baby’ magazine aims to target parents that have already passed the pregnancy stage and are focusing on raising their child in a better environment through different parenting techniques and information. The magazine describes the 3 initial years of a baby through educating parents for the understanding of early life of motherhood. The price offered for the particular magazine is considered moderate while in comparison with the price offered in the parenting magazine industry which costs R26.95, similar to the pricing of mamas and papas magazine.

Your Pregnancy

The unique selling proposition for ‘Your Pregnancy’ magazine is rested upon providing credible and accurate information to their customers. It is considered as a high profile magazine while targeting high-end customers as it is priced above all the magazines in the industry. Moreover, the company targets all women present in South Africa while higher amount of priority is provided to the white women.

Fit Pregnancy

The particular magazine entails to the discussing of experience of different mothers by providing accurate information regarding their pregnancy. However, the paper does not entail towards providing information regarding raising their child or the ways for better parenting in the initial years of a baby. Moreover, the target audience for the particular brand includes smart readers that have certain knowledge about pregnancy but need to know how pregnancy is carried out by experiencing the views of various mothers. The price of the product is moderate according to the industry.

Mamas and Papas magazine is focused upon transforming the old wisdom of mothers regarding parenting to the younger generation that have limited knowledge about parenting. It entails from the pregnancy period to the working moms and dads. The company targets broader target audience which makes the company to compete with many brands in the market. Therefore, the existence of mamas and papas brand has become difficult. The price offered for its magazine is moderate according to the industry.

Positioning and Brand Strategy

Brand Pyramid

While understanding the positioning and branding strategy applied by the company, brand pyramid model has been applied which consists of 5 steps (Chernatony, 2010). Product features and attributes is the first step which aims to highlight the content of interest from pregnancy stage to the working moms and dads. The idea of the product is to transfer the older generation’s wisdom and knowledge about parenting into the modern life and younger generation. Tangible benefit(s) is the second step in the brand pyramid for the mamas and papas magazine product. A strategy that was applied by Motlekar included the distribution of magazine through retailers and distributors. This strategy has provided a benefit of easy accessibility of products at a nearby retailer. Easy accessibility increases the chances of sales.

The third step for brand pyramid includes the economic benefits of the product. Mamas and Papas magazine product provides all the knowledge from pregnancy to the parenting of a child through its product. Therefore, in most cases it limits parents to visit a consultant or a doctor for the purpose of gaining knowledge and health tips. Although in further stages it becomes mandatory to visit a doctor, but the initial stages require gaining knowledge from the mamas and papas magazine, thus, saving cost for parents. The brand persona is the third step which enlightens the human characteristics of the target market. The target market for Mamas and Papas include black people between the ages 23 to 45 years. The company targeted newlyweds and parents-to-be target market. Moreover, the company also targeted the black diamond group which is referred to as black women with middle class families. The characteristics include limited knowledge of having a baby and the process of child care and parenting. The essence of the brand is the last step which involves the focus of fathers and as well as mothers which increases the interest amongst male group............................................

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