The Locus of Control Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

How many times have you heard someone at work say, "Things just spun out of control," or "that lucky?" Perhaps your colleagues are more likely to say, "I am guilty," or "I have to take responsibility for it." While most of us imagine that we are unique individuals, psychologists have spent years of etching patterns in our personality traits that suggest we share some very similar qualities, those who believe that they are able to control the events in their lives and those who do not . This note suggests, your students have Locus of control tools and prepared to interpret the results. Terry Pettijohn developed changes to the original Rotter Locus control survey, which is available at The test does not have a time limit and consists of 20 true or false questions. After completing the test, click on the "Tally my answers," and within a few seconds the screen will return to your choice and evaluation. Some of the issues to act as a distraction from the intent of the test and are not included in the test score. This note will help you and your students to interpret the results. "Hide
by Gerry Yemen, James G. Clawson Source: Darden School of Business 6 pages. Publication Date: July 18, 2003. Prod. #: UV3234-PDF-ENG

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The Locus of Control

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