Baria planning solution incorporation: Fixing the sales process Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Baria planning solution incorporation: Fixing the sales process Case Solution

BPS (Baria Planning Solution) is a consulting firm helping manufacturers.

BPS (Baria Planning Solution), which is a publically traded firm’s annual sales were $95 million. BPS helped its customers to reduce the cost and increase the performance of suppliers of the company. With the help of software, data analysis, project management and consulting, and to identify the savings, BPS pursued its customers' spending, sources of savings through suppliers, and purchase methods, and change management projects. Due to these types of solutions, the company achieved high growth in the last few decades. In 1997, BPS took advantage of nascent popularity, and was considered as the first mover in the field.

SAP and Accenture entered into the market and became competitors of BPS, along with other small firms. BPS was the firm which served U.S energy sector. In 2007, BPS acquired the firm, which served government sector, a nonprofit organization, and other state agencies. In 2008, BPS acquired two more firms, one which served the manufacturing sector and other which served in the retail sector. These four firms served different types of customers or different industries, and all used different technologies, and had different fiscal years, which indicated that there were no similarities between these four firms and due to these differences, BPS faced many problems such as lower growth in 2010, and did not achieve its targets.

BPS adopted Solution-Selling Process for customers to enjoy the competitive business solution. The new selling process was able to meet the demands, which increased the sales within the framework. It was expected that if the customers clearly understood the benefits of Solution-Selling Process and clearly communicated the expectations, then it would increase the confidence among customers, increase target performance, and would provide benefit to both parties’ clients as well as the company. Clients provided data to BPS for detailed analysis; both parties signed an agreement. BPS invested many resources on the analysis of the data and at the end of analysis/results,it can be seen that the services of BPS such as the deadline of the project, resources required for completion of the project and the performance of the customers.

Baria’s Performance:

BPS served customers in North America, as well as it had customers globally and sales partnership that allowed BPS to enter into foreign markets and many of the customers of North America utilized BPS solution outside North America and its sales were organized into three main classes; 1) Sales, 2) Sales Operations and 3) Sales Support. Sales group was controlled by Jane Albright, and it was also responsible for training the suppliers, sales management, staffing the firm as well asit played a vital role in building the sales infrastructure.

After the acquisition, BPS had a well-maintained structure.The company was industry focused, which is why the staff and sales force were planned by the industry as well. Up until2009, Baria performed outstandingly. In solution-selling process, the members hadto analyze the time they spent on each sales opportunity. BPS had many projects, targets from clients and all projects had to be done within a time frame and instead of large workload, Baria performed every project within time. However,in the case of vendors, the competition in the market was very high, and vendors were responsible for qualitative proposals. Feedback for BPS was of two opinions, 1) those that stated that BPS performed very well, in-depth analysis on projects and gave accurate solutions and 2) those that commented that BPS' team’s delay in presentations, and projects.

Many of the people criticized BPS customers' talent and their projects. However,the members were aware of this criticism, and they believed that new Solution Selling Process wouldhelp them in achieving targets (sales opportunities).

In 2010, BPS' performance was poor in both perspectives (new clients’ projects and existing clients renewals). BPS summarized all sales opportunities into four types:.........................

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