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The Joslin Diabetes center is the world’s largest and well renowned diabetes research center, located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The center does not only provide health care facilities to diabetic patients, but also provides diabetes education. Serving its patients with excellent care at a highly competent level is the top priority of JDC.

Problem Analysis

The main problem of the center is that it is unable to adapt its organisational structure and organisational strategies in an effective way with the frequent changing patient requirements.Furthermore, the center is unable to generate handsome profits as well as it is also unable to control the rising operating costs of the operations of the center.

Swot Analysis


The center has a strong brand name, which the center has built up over a period of time by serving its patients with excellent quality services as well as facilitating its patients with exceptional patient care services. The center has made affiliations with 46 well known clinical health care institutions in the United States as well as 2 internationally.

This increases the overall reputation of the center as well as it also helps the center to outsource its facilities effectively and efficiently. In addition to this, due to such affiliations,the outreach programs had improved patient care services for more than two million patients worldwide.

The center has highly competent staffs,which acts as strength for the center as it ensures that the services provided to the patients are professionally competent as well as they ad here to current development in the entire medicine industry.

Furthermore, the top management of the center has encouraged the culture of team work in the organisation, which also acts as strength for the center as it enhances the overall effectiveness of the center as well as the team work also reduces the time and saves the resources of the organisation. In addition to this, the team members bear the language expertise, which helps the team to perform and deal effectively with diversified tasks and diversified situations.


The major weakness is that the center is unable to cater the changing patients’needs of the center efficiently and effectively as well as the care center is also unable to make effective strategies in order to enhance the flexibility in the organizational structure to adapt with the frequent changes in the industry.

Furthermore, the care center is unable to make proper consolidated accounts effectively and efficiently with Beth Israel due to which the care center is unable to trace its costs as well as it is also unable to record the proper revenue of the care center. This acts as a weakness for the care centeras the care center would be unable to take appropriate decisions as well as the care center would not be able to verify the claims of the patients.

Moreover, the care center only provides education related to diabetes, which limits the scope of the student to some extent as they would be unable to manage and respond to other patients efficiently and effectively. In addition to this, the center only provides services to diabetic patients which further limits the scope of the center and subsequently limits the revenue of the center to some extent.Also, the patients are diagnosed with respect to diabetes only, which also decreases the satisfaction of the patients of the center as other diseases of the patients remains undiagnosed.


Since the care center spends a huge amount on research and development, therefore, it is likely that the care center would make new formulas for the cure of diabetes, which would certainly provide the care center with many opportunities to expand its operations and business.Moreover, due to new and effective cure formulas, the patients would be readily attracted towards the care center, which would subsequently enhance the overall revenue and profitability of the care center.

This would also provide an opportunity for the care center to expedite its business. Moreover, recent collaborations with well renowned health care service providers also give the opportunity for the care center to explore and penetrate into new markets.

The care center also receives various Government grants to finance its research and development.This also provides an opportunity for the care center to increase its research and development operations in order to develop new medicines, cures and formulas.

They have the opportunity of increasing the awareness regarding the health facilities and its advantages, which could lead to more educated and informed patients who will be concerned for their medical betterment and they must take measures to improve their quality in care facilities, which would increase the demand for care facilities...............................

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