Scuba Business Expansion plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Scuba Business Expansion plan Case Solution 


The advantages of Scuba diving are endless if you want an adventurous career since diving is exciting, demanding, and different. In scuba diving, one is required to travel and see places that are not an everyday sight. If one is good at it, then the pay is great and promotions are regular. There is satisfaction, pride, and respect in the diving career.

Theproposed dive shop’s advantages are thatthereis no involvement of any corporate, capital gains, payroll, property or withholding taxes on the islands. Moreover, for the investors, the Cayman Islands are a reliable tax haven.

The second advantage is that Don Foster’s should settle in Holiday Inn because of its superior beach location and the fact that it attracts youngsters as well as family oriented people who are more likely to participate in waters ports activities.

The breathing apparatus consists of a tank containing pressurized air and a regulator that delivers oxygen to the diver. Other basic equipment's include a soft rubber face mask to improve visibility, swimming fins to enhance mobility, and a vest, which is known as buoyancy compensator device, to help regulate the divers' depth while submerged and to keep divers afloat when they are on the surface of the water.

Another advantage is that Don Foster's Dive has maintained twenty employees as as taff at the dive shops and dive boats who provide instructions and guide divers while they are underwater. Don Foster’s Dive has maintained six dive boats in various locations around the island along with the wide variety of water sports equipment. Don Foster's Dive allows two dives in the morning starting about one dive in the afternoon and a final dive at night. Customers are either transported through the vans of Don Foster's Dive to the dive boat or they are picked from their hotels. Divers can explore wrecks, walls, huge underwater cliffs and reefs.

Furthermore, the other advantage is that Cayman Islands have calm and clear water and a carefree world of outdoor pleasures. Forscuba divers and snorkelers, the Cayman Islands are the best diving location. Not only are the quality and variety of the dive sites spectacular, but Cayman Islands also possess a unique dive sight known as Stingray City. At this location, divers and snorkelers swim with 30 to 40 wild stingrays which are fed by people.....................

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