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The key focus areas of the culture i.e. honesty, integrity, self-criticism, high standards, norms and values, communication, informal roles, free power and reputation. Considering the threat to the quality of present leaders and inconsistent organizational culture;the training model is recommended to be built from the scratch to include both senior management as well as MDs. It would assist the organization in inculcating the organizational culture in the model and the whole team to be addressed by the CEO, regarding the training program.

The faculty for training purpose should be called outside of the USA, because it would not only foster innovation and risk-taking capabilities in employees, but would also promote cultural diversity.(Michael Beer, 2016)Thus, the leadership development should be owned by the human capital management to address the needs and demands of the developing leaders and to promote competitiveness within the organization, in an efficient manner. Furthermore, the success of the leadership program can be significantly measured, using SMART goal method.......................................


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